How I became the Serial Stamper!


I have to say here that I am an absolute fan of STAMPIN’  UP products & STAMPIN’ UP as a company.

Now, a little about how I got here.

As far back as I can remember, crafting has been a fancy of mine. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t something I pursued until recent years. Two to be exact. I started out playing with stamps one day & the next thing you know, I found myself asking the question; what can’t a stamp do? I so am excited to share the prospects with you!

Stamping you may ask. Why stamping? To tell you the truth, I am not an aspiring artist per say; I can barely draw stick people. So, stamping is where I found the artist in me. Stamping I have found to be such a creative outlet. It is practical. It can be transferred to a variety of media. It ranges from easy to as complex as you want it to become. Not only will you entertain yourself, you will also inspire & share with others. Besides making hand made items & gifts, which is awesome in & of itself, you have the opportunity make money doing it. Which brings me to how I became a STAMPIN’ UP Demonstrator.

 I was told about Stampin’ Up! and how amazing it is.

I was given the catalog. Well I don’t think that I slept that night. I was tagging pages, writing up wish lists, working out if I had a party how much I would be able to get free. Within a short time I realized that I needed to join. My husband literally rolled his eyes and said “what have you got yourself into?”

My idea for starting up was that I just wanted to get my craft products cheap, then slowly I got a class and then people started to join up, then they were buying and I couldn’t believe it, my hobby was becoming a business without me even planning it to happen.

In a very short time my team is growing.

I must say this has been the most unexpected path for me. I spent the first part of my adult life as a wife & mother, then the next 10 years as an emergency room RN. Now I find myself sharing & caring in a whole other way. 

It is so much more than just crafting and hand made items. It is exciting and challenging and I have learned so much. I love being able to share that same enthusiasm with my team.

Like the other occupations I have had, I find this one to be just as diverse, challenging, & satisfying. So, come on become a link in the paper chain.

 Why not join in the fun that I have with my team —You have so much to gain – if I can do this – you TOTALLY can do it.

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